Thursday, November 08, 2007
A word of personal witness from Robert Liparulo:
I was raised Catholic and even wanted to be a priest when I was nine. During my teen years I had a falling out with Catholicism-more my issues than the Church’s.

I had a friend who was protestant and some of the things he believed resonated with me much more deeply than what I’d been taught. Still, I didn’t think embrace his faith and didn’t trust my own.

So I sort of wandered in the desert for a number of years.

I married young and never really brought God into our marriage, except superficially, and my wife was raised agnostic. In our fifth year of marriage, my wife decided she wanted out.

The news hit me hard, because I truly didn’t see it coming. I went into my home office and cried out to God: “Why?”

He answered as clearly as though I’d heard Him with my ears instead of my heart and head. He said, “Because I am not in your life.”

I immediately went to my wife and asked for a month to make it right. She reluctantly agreed. I asked her to go talk to a pastor with me. He spoke to us for about two hours, about God and marriage, faith and love. The next day, we attended service. God touch both of our hearts (I think because we sought Him) with urgency, power and permanence. Within five days, my wife broke down crying, asking for forgiveness for wanting to dissolve our marriage; I asked for forgiveness for not bringing God into our lives. She asked God into her heart and I recommitted myself.
We’ve been strongly reliant on God ever since. We celebrate our 23rd anniversary this week.

God is great! Blessings.


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