Tuesday, June 03, 2008

The book link is: http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/0764205005
Washington's Lady

by Nancy Moser

Washington's Lady is told from the point of view of Martha Washington, the wife of George Washington, our first president. The story begins with the death of her first husband and continues through her life and ends shortly after the death of her second husband, George. The point of view allows us to see into the heart of this great lady and understand the risks involved in defending the rights of the colonies and to see the great players as people, and not just historical figures.

At the end of the book, the author explains where the book is based on fact, and where she has let her imagination tell the story. Martha a recent widow, who has lost her father and two children, leaving her with a large plantation to run and two small children to raise alone. As a rich widow she knows there will be many suitors, and wants to find one her own age and not marry for convenience but for love.

Most of her life has been lived within a few miles of home. She decides to leave her trusted world and become the wife of George Washington. He has traveled and with this union opens her life to see more of our vast country. The story is told through her eyes, and the book is dull at the beginning as all the background material is introduced.

However, the book takes off and you get deeply involved when she remains childless and her daughter develops epilepsy and her son is an untamed child. One of the strong points of the book, is realizing even in loss other doors open for service. She realizes late in her life that if her daughter had not died, she would not have went to the soldiers camps and visited the sick and wounded.

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