Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Hunter Brown and the Secret of the Shadow, by The Miller Brothers.
A Christian teen novel with Hunter Brown and his two high school friends faced with who and what to believe. The book starts by their attempt to stand up to the school bullies only to find themselves locked into a garbage dumpster. Their rescurer sends has them pick up a book for him at a local bookstore. Only to find latter he has disappeared and the bookstore has vanished too.

Hunter has a conversion type experience at the end of the book, faced with deciding to whom he owes his allegiance. The book is geared mostly to the male teen. Yet there is a group of three pre-teen who play supporting roles to Hunter, I would like to hear more of these three in relationship to Hunter for I found them a strong, supporing force.

Read and enjoy, then pass it on to your teen or pre-teen.

A book that is more like a travel through a new world, then just a plot and resolve the plot book. It leads you into a fantasy world and now, that you are established there and you have decided where to place your trust, you are ready to fight and defend the truth.

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