Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Thanks to Brenda Coulter,, for the autographed copy of her new book, A Family Forever. I spent a day reading and liked seeing a Christian author dealing with real issues, such as dealing with issues of bonding after growing up with abuse, of foster children needing to be adopted into forever families, of troubled youth needing a role model to show them a Christian way of dealing with everyday life. We, as Christians may not always accomplish the change in others, but in the process of trying we are changed. Thanks Brenda, it gives encouragement as well as entertainment.

I read this book as a member of the Christian Fiction Blog Tours alliance, A Family Forever by Brenda Coulter (ISBN: 0-373-87358-1).

A story of trying to do the right thing in an unexpected tragedy. With the best of attention Tucker Sharpe proposes to Shelby, fiancee of his brother who died in a motorcycle accident. She is expecting a child and he wants to look after the child. As a Christian he seeks advise about marriage from his pastor but ignores his counsel.

Shelby struggles with issues of growing up with an abusive father. Tucker shows his consistent strength and teaches her what it is to find a stable and safe place to come. Together they work their relationship out with each other and the church. A delight in seeing Shelby learn to trust while love developes.

An easy read leaving a lasting impression of the love of God and the love of man and woman as they walk before God.

Tucker is a bicycle enthusiast and reaches out to a trouble youth offering a job at his bike shop. The youth's reckless attitude reminds him of his lost brother. Shelby, a private violin teacher, befriends the musically gifted youth and offers lessons.