Thursday, September 28, 2006

The virtual blog for the fictional Kanner Lake characters from Brandilyn Collins from the Kanner Lake book series, which Violet Dawn is Book 1:

I am going to go check it out, go check it out too. Then after reading, Part One, Targeted, move on to Part Two, Hunted, and Part Three, Trapped. "the Accord's door shut--...a scream. She froze." Read Branilyn Collins seatbelt suspense.

Mystery, intrigue! Read, read, the embers in the fireplace of dieing low, and the cold is creeping in...closer!

If you want to know more about Brandilyn Collins new book, Violet Dawn, check out her website: http://forensicsand Take the tour and learn about the auther. Welcome to the adventures of Christian fiction.

Want to read a book along with me. I started reading Brandilyn Collins book, Violet Dawn, this morning after picking it out of my mail this morning at the post office.

Lots of intrigue in this plot, Paige Williams has a past and does not want to be found. When she finds a dead body waiting at home, she must dispose of it herself.

Her prayer was to find a soul sister, someone like herself for a friend, and now, she has done something she must never tell and hopes will never be found out.

Her life is in danger if the wrong people find her. She has hidden away in a scenic town, hoping to live a simple life and just allowed to be. When the town celebrity shows up dead in her hot tub, fast decisions are made.

Chapters follow introducing the people who can be her support people, or her with me and see which they turn out to the murder is solved and the secrets of her life are revealed.

What fun! read a good Christian mystery on this cold autumn afternoon. Got better plans, no, then light the fire, put tea kettle on, and curl up with "Violet Dawn" and escape into the rising of the sun on a lazy be overtaken by danger, don't forget you are safe at home (but do you know where your neighbors are?).

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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

There are alot of new Christian science fiction and fantasy authors. I hope to highlight a few here in the weeks to come. I have an enchantment with this type of story, hope you do too. There are links to other sites who will be reviewing these resources as well, I will link to a few. They have joined together to make these materials more readily known on their individual blogs and through their blogs connections, I am planning to do the same! God speed!

, A great assortment of science fiction books and games. Check it out! I am. Have fun, and play today.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Squat by Taylor Field is a fictional account of being homeless. You get the feel for 24-hours of trying to sort your people, surviving on the streets. Seeing how people walk right past you not seeing, and how important it is to have a safe place with Christian to go to feel acceptance and find a meal. God blessings to the author as he continues to deal with the issues and the heartache he discovers daily in the Squats of New York.

A fiction book on homeless from a minister who works with them on a daily bases. He has written non-fiction before. A must read to get the feel of the uncertainty and danger surrounding trying to exist in an old abandoned building, called a squat. The book shows the main character expressing he has squat and is squat. Prayers for the author and the people who still remain on the street. The book was inspired by all the people who have died since starting his ministry with the squat people.