Wednesday, April 22, 2009

April CSFF Blog Tour for George Bryan Polivka’s Blaggard’s Moon
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With pirates in the news, here is a story told by a pirate as his life balances on a post over threatening waters filled with creature to devour him. He reviews the events before being left to die, and tries to learn to think creatively. He hopes to figure out how to save himself. Not realizing the act leading to his abandonment is the act on which his life is balanced. It determines his outcome, it leads to salvation or destruction. Another great read by George Bryan Polivka.

Among his Christian credentials for writing Christian adventure, is one that caught my eye of traveling to Europe to study after Francis Schaeffer at L'Abri Fellowship is Switzerland. An adventure I wished to make when I was in college, the closest I came was to devour Schaeffer's books. I am sure the experience not only deepened Polivka heart towards God but also his understanding.

God bless the writer and each of us in our own adventures even if we go no further then in the pages of our books.

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